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Wedding Receptions Melbourne

Planning your perfect wedding reception isn’t easy when there are so much to think about – flowers, catering, dresses, suits, venues, photography, celebrants, themes, music and more… And then there is also that awful budget to worry about! But we don’t want the stress to take away from the excitement leading up to that big day! After all, there is a wedding on the way, and this time it’s your turn to be the bride! If you’ve already said yes then we can help you with all the planning and options that are about to come your way in preparation for the wedding.


There are many options for wedding receptions in Melbourne with so many venues available to couples who are about to tie the knot. This is the fashion capital with beautiful public and private gardens to celebrate your big day in. Not only will you and your partner be happy with the reception, but your guests will rave about your do for months! Whether it’s a classical, old-fashioned, modern, romantic, outdoors, low-key or a special theme you’re after, Melbourne can offer you and your partner something genuinely memorable. We can suggest venues and services, whether your party is 10 people or 1000. Marriage Celebrant


You can choose a venue in Melbourne’s CBD which is amongst the city action, or you could opt for something in the country for something outdoorsy where you and your guests can enjoy a sunny spring wedding amongst nature. Melbourne also offers many venues such as old fashioned mansions which are located in the outer suburbs where you can enjoy spectacular panoramic views of the suburbs. Close to the CBD there are modern, chic venues around Fitzroy, a suburb known for its contemporary fine dining, or you could opt for a venue with a beautiful view of the Yarra by night. Or why not take advantage of being beside the coast and go for a view of the ocean with waves sliding in as you and your partner have your first dance as husband and wife? Or if you’re looking to get out of the city, there’s the Mornington Peninsula and other regions nearby where you can take advantage of the beautiful scenery that Victoria has to offer, such as mountain ranges, vineyards and beautiful old fashioned country gardens.


Your options are limitless in terms of venue. You can choose a traditional venue space, a winery, a church, one of Melbourne’s many parks, or even, in true Melbourne fashion, at a cafe. Melbourne may be known as having four seasons in one day, but with such diverse venues you can choose something appropriate for the season.


Melbourne has become a popular destination for couples to say their vows, and so there are many professional wedding services in the city, whether it’s to plan every detail or just take care of one area of your big event. And if you opt for an event planning service, all you have to worry about is getting yourself (and your partner) there on the big day so that you can get that gorgeous ring on your finger!


Melbourne Wedding Venues


Want your day to be all that you dreamed about? In Melbourne, wedding venues are a dime a dozen but how do you pick the right one? Take advice from a friend, ask a neighbour or do a random Google search? Wedding Venues Melbourne has made this job much easier for you with listed and presented top 10 wedding receptions in Melbourne. So take your time, relax, make yourself a coffee and search our website. We have a large range of different receptions that will please any taste or preference.

If you are a reception that offers the most please contact us or sign up to the most exclusive Melbourne Wedding Venue directory. wedding celebrants melbourne



Function Venues Melbourne

What to look for in a venue?

When looking function venues in Melbourne, there are many things to consider. First, do you plan on having an outdoor or indoor event? In Melbourne, while you would hope for the perfect day, rain or in climate weather may surprise you. Play it safe by choosing a venue with both options. When picking indoor or outdoor, you may also want to consider your photography options and what would look best as a background for your Melbourne event.

Next, you should think about all the logistics for your function. How many guests do you plan on having? Will there be enough space for all the particulars, which may include a wedding ceremony, cocktail hour, reception, and dance floor? If necessary, will there be a coat check? Is there enough room for your food options, which may include buffet, wedding cake, or even food cooked on-site? Are you able to move parts of the venue around, for example, tables and chairs, to suit your needs? Logistics will vary depending on your event, but it is important to make your own list and check with each Melbourne venue that you visit.

If you are planning a function in Melbourne, you need to take into account all the necessities of your big day. What is included with your Melbourne venue rental? Think about the tables, chairs, linens, restaurant equipment, dining rentals, and stage, for example. Are there any vendors included? Some venues in Melbourne will be bare-bones, with nothing included but the raw space. Some venues will come with coordinators and sometimes even catering and a full staff! A catering hall will vary much from an outdoor location such as a permitted Melbourne park event which may come absolutely nothing at all! For a wedding in Melbourne, you may need an arch rental. Always ask for a full list of what is included and possible additions and options.

Lastly, I would say when looking for your perfect Melbourne venue, to consider price last because when it comes to finding your dream venue, you should not let a price tag cloud your decision. Pricing in Melbourne for a function venue will vary considerable while price should not be the biggest factor, keep in mind that the price will be lower if you are simply getting an empty venue hall over a full-service venue hall. Note that venues may be the priciest part of your event, next to the catering, but there are many budget-friendly options in Melbourne as well.

Once you have booked your dream function venue in Melbourne, you are going to want to find out all the requirements for you. Is there a deposit to secure your date? Is there a cancellation policy? Do you need to fill out a contract form? Are there insurance requirements for your vendors, especially for the bar? Do you have to select from a preferred list of vendors? Are there any restrictions? From booking your dream function venue in Melbourne, you can then begin crafting your dream event and begin planning the big day.